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The main nutrients of MSG protein are the by-products of glutamate produced by MSG fermentation, which is different from plant-based proteins such as soybean meal and wheat, and is more similar to animal protein feed such as fishmeal and silkworms.
Its main nutritional features:
1, high protein content, about 65-70%, and stable quality, of which amino acids about 58% to 62%, mainly containing glutamate, lysine, methionine. The content of its nutrients is affected by fermentation process and raw materials.
2, containing other rich B vitamins and a variety of enzymes and other nutrients.
3, rich in a variety of beneficial bacteria and microbial fermentation of beneficial bacteria and microorganisms produced digestive enzymes, growth-promoting factors, with a unique effect to help promote animal digestion, absorption of various nutrients.
4, can improve the fresh taste of the feed, with the role of inducing food.
5, fermented raw materials for corn and other food raw materials, does not contain anti-nutrition factors and other drug residues.

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