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Product Description

Residual solution are used as raw materials in our organic fertilizers which are produced through corn's fermentation by biotechnology to produce monosodium glutamate.

Then through high temperature evaporation to spray granulation.

So it is corn waste and natural completely.

Organic Fertilizer(Corn waste) Benefits

1 organic matter

organic matter content 22%min, promoting the activity of soil microorganism.

Organic colloids in soil organic matter have a large number of negative charges, which have strong adsorption capacity and can adsorb large amounts of cations and water.

Its water absorption is several times, even several tens times greater than that of clay, so it can improve soil fertility and water storage capacity, while also improving soil pH buffering.

2 Soil conditioner

Improving soil physical and chemical structure.

Soil-force provides enhanced moisture + nutrient retention and a soil detoxifier.

3 Humic acid + amino acid

Humic acid(10% content) can promote the activity of soil microorganism, increase the quantity of soil microorganism and enhance the activity of soil enzyme.

Humic acid can reduce the accumulation of soil salinity. Its pH value is 6.8, which can neutralize alkalinity and reduce or even eliminate the harm of alkalinity to soil and crops.

Contains 18 kinds of amino acid complex, absorbed by plant roots and leaves and converted into proteins,making the corps deep-rooted and foliage luxurian,thus enhancing the crops’ ability for cold-resistance,drought-resistance,lodging-resistance.

4 Reduce the use of chemical fertilizer

Promotes nitrogen fixation and enhances solubilization of other elements,improving the utilization rate of chemical fertilizer.

It contains the microbes that are N-fixers as well as other species that can convert phosphorus, potassium and other inorganic elements available in the soil into readily assimilated compounds for plant use.

This translates to substantial savings on chemical fertilizers,thus saving the total costing on agricultural production.

5 High “N”

Itself contains about 16% nitrogen, which can meet the needs of most crops ,and if necessary, add some chemical fertilizer.

6 Abundant medium trace element

It contains sulfur, calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, boron, copper, molybdenum and other medium trace elements, to meet the nutritional needs of crops.

7 Activity of soil microorganism

The improvement of soil environment makes the soil microorganism revive and promotes the benign cycle of soil environment.

8 Crop yield and quality up

The soil has returned to health, improved its ability to support crops, reduced the use of fertilizers and pesticides, thus improve crop yields and quality.

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